Creating a Winning PhD Dissertation: a Step-by-Step Guide

Writing a good PhD dissertation is not a walkover. The expectations as to the scope of work rarely correspond to reality. It is essential to draft a plan before you start writing. The following recommendations will help you organize your work properly and produce an outstanding dissertation.

  1. Fix the final submission date.
  2. If there is no strict deadline, you should establish it for yourself. Then divide your work and fix the schedule for every chapter. This approach will encourage you to fulfill all the tasks on time. Thus, it will be easier for you to meet the deadline.

  3. Sock away some cash.
  4. You will probably need to print your paper several times before you get the final copy. This will apparently result in extra expenses, because printout is a pricy thing.

  5. Study beforehand.
  6. Collect all the necessary materials before you start writing. This will help you see the general picture of your future thesis and save the precious time that you are likely to spend wandering through a variety of references. Never refer to internet resources in your bibliography. Only a primary source of information is a trustworthy one.

  7. Establish your objectives.
  8. It may be difficult to start writing, especially if creating the research papers is not a routine work for you. Choose the minimum number of words you are to write every day and steak to this plan. Though, don’t be too hard on yourself. The scope of work may vary from day to day. If a brilliant idea occurs to you while you are not in front of your computer, don’t hesitate to write it down. This will obviously contribute to the whole work.

  9. Use the suitable soft.
  10. Make it easier and faster by organizing your bibliography with the help of the appropriate referencing tools. Plus, don’t hesitate to use some special spelling-check programs. Keep in mind that spelling and grammar are extremely important.

  11. Take breaks while writing your dissertation.
  12. The information flow may be overwhelming, that’s why it is absolutely necessary to take some time and think everything over. Thus, your thoughts will organize into concepts.

  13. Save some time.
  14. Ensure that you have enough days to read your dissertation carefully and make all the necessary corrections before you print out the final version.

  15. Proofread your dissertation.
  16. Check every chapter thoughtfully. This will help you discover any drawbacks right away and improve your work

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