Principles And Recommendations On Citing Dissertation MLA

MLA is a common formatting style used in liberal arts and humanities. The rules provided affect the presentation of your paper in terms of paper size and type, spacing, margins and the details to include on the cover page. It also captures how to cite the sources of your work. There are different rules for books, journals, online sources, etc. You are also required to reference all your sources in a systematic manner with detailed information about the author, publisher, year of publication, city of publication, etc. There details guide a reader when he needs to get more information about your points.

  • General MLA Style Dissertation Formatting Rules
    1. The paper should be white in color and measuring 8.5” by 11”
    2. The margins on the top, bottom and both sizes should be 1 inch wide
    3. All your paragraphs should have the first word or line indented half an inch
    4. Where you have cited long sections, the quotation should be intend an inch from the left margin.
    5. The font used should be clear and easy to read. It should also make your work to appear formal. Further, the font must clearly differentiate between bold, italic and normal section. This is because ‘bold’ will be used on headlines while italic is used on titles. The size of the font should be 12 points.
    6. The entire paper should be double spaced. This includes the list of works cited at the end of your paper.
  • Creating a Header
    The header for MLA format dissertation should be flushed to the left on the first page and be an inch from the top margin. It should capture the details of the author or researcher, name of your instructor, course identification and the date of submission. There is nothing on the header that is underlined, put in bold or all capital letters. The title should not be followed by a period at the end. Page numbers are placed at the right hand side of your page. They appear at the upper corner.
  • Tables and Images
    Place images as close as possible to the text that describes them. They must be labeled systematically and a caption included describing the relevant details derived from these figures or tables.

The rules for MLA citation must be followed strictly. Mixing them with APA will create confusion and mislead the reader. Get a proofread example of MLA cited paper to guide you through the drafting process. Discuss any challenges or concerns with your supervisor.

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