Good Hooks For Composing A Plan For Dissertation

One of the most important elements of completing a dissertation successfully is to plan. There are a lot of activities to undertake include data collection, interviewing respondents, analyzing the data, compiling your work, seminar presentations, research in the library, etc. Some activities have to away the completion of others. Others can be done while you wait for response from informers or feedback from your supervisor, etc. Planning thus becomes the key to meeting your deadline and having an easy time.
Here is a simplified guide on writing a dissertation plan

  • Identify the topic - everything about your paper will depend on the topic you select. It is therefore impossible to commence any activity without a title. The title should be researchable, unique and strong.
  • Develop an outline - this is the ultimate planning tool for drafting an organized and logically flowing paper. It indicates the ideas you will be discussing and the points you will use to support these ideas. It also indicates available reference materials for reference purposes on each point.
  • Identify resources - a lot of resources go into completing a paper at this level. These resources include people, reference materials and money. Quantify the amount of money that will be required for each activity. Identify where this money will come from. This should also be done for reference materials. Further identify people who need your support like informers, supervisors, the committee, discussion groups, etc. Slot them within your time frame and time schedule.
  • Develop a timetable - timelines ensure that an activity remains on track. It gives you an indication of how well you are performing in time and resource management. It will actually indicate whether you will hit your target submission date. Indicate the expected dates for such major milestones as proposal writing, data collection, seminar presentation, etc. There timelines can be changed if the need arises. You may use an example of a plan from the library or provided by your supervisor.

When writing a dissertation plan, ensure that there is ample time to relax. This allows your mind to recharge so that it resumes with greater insight and energy. Leave room for any eventualities and complete before your submission date. This allows you to edit the work before submitting.

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