Mistakes To Stay Away From While Creating A Doctoral Thesis

A doctoral thesis is probably the most expansive piece of work you are going to do in your academic life. It demands a lot of research and energy from you. It pretty much needs to be perfect if you are to secure your degree. Doctoral thesis is done at the final level of your academic life, so it needs to be of that epic scale. The whole idea of a doctoral thesis is pretty intimidating. Yet the worst part is when you have put you have put your blood and sweat into the work and your supervisor says that there are some mistakes. Nothing can be more disastrous. Here are some mistakes you must stay away from while creating your thesis.


The primary mistakes that most students make are grammatical errors. It is really disheartening for the supervisor too when they see a perfectly well written thesis go down because of grammatical errors. Grammar is one of the basic things and at your doctoral level one would expect you to get that part right. This is not your undergraduate level anymore where grammatical errors are overlooked. If you are a student of English literature you very well know that your language and grammas can make or break you. Your grammar needs to be immaculate. One easy way to check your grammatical error is to type out your thesis on the computer. Your word application will show all your errors. You can then carefully go about correcting them. It is very essential that your present a thesis that is free of grammatical errors.

Avoid flowery language

Even if you are an English literature student, in your thesis avoid flowery language. Flowery language actually deprecates your impression in front of the supervisor. It also leads to many language flaws. Try writing short, to the point sentences. You must choose your words with the skill of a craftsman. Nothing must be extraneous and unnecessary. Also make sure that you have put the punctuations properly.


References, facts and data are the supporting beams of your thesis. They are what will hold it together and put across your argument as legitimate. If you go wrong in your references you might end up with an awful grade. It is essential that you triple check your facts and data before the final submission.

It is better to thoroughly proof read your essay at least thrice to eliminate all errors and flaws.

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