25 Outstanding MBA Dissertation Topics For HR

To give you a head start when it comes to picking a good MBA dissertation topic for a job, the following outlines 25 interesting ideas.

  1. The most and least effective ways of dealing with discrimination within the workplace
  2. What damage can occur to the morale of a team where systemic discrimination is taking place?
  3. A case study of the best practice when it comes to recruiting and training employees
  4. The importance of adapting human resources management as a company grows and progresses
  5. Why the best companies go above and beyond when it comes to equal opportunities, as opposed to simply meeting any legal requirements
  6. Should positive discrimination occur in order to ensure that targets are met in relation to diversity in the workplace?
  7. 21st century tactics for increasing start motivation
  8. What are the dangers of objectifying staff as a result of using the term “human resources”?
  9. A comparison of productivity in two similarly sized companies: one with a HR team and one without
  10. What problems do HR teams face in the 21st century?
  11. Are HR teams and managers sometimes too afraid of legal action from difficult staff members to deal with them properly?
  12. A comparison of the challenges faced by the HR team of a young start-up company in comparison with a traditional, older company that employs start with a much older average age and experience level
  13. The costs and benefits of hiring an HR team for a medium-sized business
  14. What are the consequences of putting a badly trained human resource manager in charge of training additional personnel?
  15. An analysis of employee benefits and what effect they have on productivity
  16. Is a good human resource manager always focused on what is best for the company?
  17. The costs of ever-changing employment laws to small and medium-size businesses, and what can be done to ensure that the firm always acts within the law
  18. What challenges are faced, both legally and morally, when it comes to dismissing personnel for various reasons?
  19. What effective methods can be used in order to ascertain the staffing requirements of a medium-sized business?
  20. What challenges of faced when it comes to supervising the work force of a growing business?
  21. How important is it to manage employee payroll effectively, and what are the dangers of mismanagement in this area?
  22. How to meet legal obligations with the use of a human resource management
  23. When it comes to dealing with discrimination, should a human resource management team use diplomacy in order to help create harmony, or can this help promote an environment where discrimination is tolerated?
  24. What challenges might be faced when it comes to hiring temporary staff compared to full-time employees?
  25. What role do human resource management teams have when dealing with and working alongside unions?

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