22 Examples Of Great Topics For PhD Dissertation In Social Science

Choosing a Topic

Deciding upon a topic for a PhD dissertation is a process not to be taken lightly. The chosen topic will not only dictate the writing process, which is often years-long, but may also guide your postgraduate career. Luckily, the study of social science is an expansive, multifaceted field with many different subjects upon which a dissertation can be built. Depending on where your interest lies, there are a plenitude of directions for your study to take.

Social Sciences

Social sciences cover a wide range of issues and factors. From education and child development to politics and voter psychology, social scientists cover a plethora of topics relating to human behavior. With the right focus, your thesis has the potential to improve an aspect of society for generations to come. Ranging in theme from geography, education, psychology, politics and more, the list of 22 topics below are all great examples to inspire a noteworthy dissertation.

Topic Examples

  1. Study the effect of geography on ideology and political attitudes in the United States.
  2. Analyze the effectiveness of standardized tests and how these assessments alter the learning environment in schools.
  3. Study the effect of marijuana legalization on the behavior and social environment for young adults.
  4. Conduct a comparison between budgets for political campaigns over different decades and how it affected voter turnout.
  5. Study the relationship between the location of high schools and graduation rates.
  6. Conduct a comparison between various drinking ages in different countries and its effect on underage binge drinking.
  7. Conduct a study into the effectiveness of drug and alcohol education programs in high schools.
  8. Study the effect of geography on equal pay for women to determine whether location is a factor in the severity of sex-based wage discrimination.
  9. Study the effect of homeschooling on a child’s emotional and social growth.
  10. Study the effect of social media on anxiety and depression among teens.
  11. Analyze the relationship between the age of bridal couples and divorce rates to determine whether marriage at a younger age increases the chance for divorce.
  12. Study the impact of geography on environmental conservation programs and how to widely implement these programs.
  13. Investigate the lingering psychological effects on children who grew up during the 2008 recession.
  14. Study the relationship between increasing racial diversity among political figures and rates of racial hate crimes.
  15. Investigate the correlation between geographic factors and abortion rates.
  16. Analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of airport security measures and explore how to improve them.
  17. Study the relationship between media coverage of mass shootings and support for gun control.
  18. Compare and study the difference between depression rates among college students who regularly consume alcohol and those who do not.
  19. Study the correlation between smartphone prevalence and rates of social aptitude for different ages.
  20. Find an answer to the question: Why are happiness rates higher among people who consider themselves to be religious?
  21. Compare the success rates of marriages which stemmed from online dating websites vs. traditional marriages.
  22. Investigate and compare anxiety and depression levels across people of different religions.

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