20 Extraordinary PhD Thesis Topics On Education

The following outlines twenty ideas that you might like to consider when creating a PhD thesis around the top of education.

  1. To what extent does linking teachers’ salaries to the performance of their students have successful results?
  2. Is there an appreciable correlation between an increase in the proportion of a population attending higher education and the productivity and economic growth of the country or region?
  3. Considering there is currently (and likely will always be) a need for uneducated and unskilled workers, is it inefficient to require all members of society to attend education until a certain age?
  4. How effective are education programs used in penal systems?
  5. To what extent do universities and other institutions of learning recognise foreign qualifications from students who wish to study abroad – and is this a problem for individuals who might be smart enough to attend an educational establishment, but don’t necessarily have the correct qualifications, based on strict criteria?
  6. How effective are examinations when it comes to measuring the intelligence and success of students?
  7. Should examinations be abolished from the educational system?
  8. To what extent are students born at the end of the academic year at a disadvantage compared to their slightly older classmates?
  9. Discuss the success of single-sex and mixed-sex schools and ascertain what advantages and disadvantages there might be to educating young boys and girls together or separately
  10. Based on data that is available from educational systems around the world, at what age should young people start their education in order to try and maximise their chances of success?
  11. Outline the cost and benefits of the state funding education for young people and, if it makes sense, is there an age limit or any other restrictions that should be put in place in terms of funding being available?
  12. What is the cost of higher education for the current generation of American youths, and is it worth it?
  13. Why do Scandinavian countries frequently come towards the top of global educational league tables?
  14. Outline the similarities and differences between educational methods used in Asian countries and the United States
  15. How has the internet changed teaching methods and the way young people learn?
  16. How relevant are online degrees?
  17. To what extent does in-house training benefit companies?
  18. Why do companies look favourably on individuals with degrees, even if their qualifications are irrelevant to the job that is being applied for?
  19. Compare the cost of higher education in Western countries in relation to the success and benefits provided
  20. How effective is it setting young people homework to do?

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